Studio Dan feat. Nika Zach - "Things"

Studio Dan feat. Nika Zach - "Things"

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JWR 02/10 - CD

digitally available here: kudos | iTunes | Spotify

1. Box (M: Zach/L: Zach/A: Wenger)2. Duck (M: Zach/L: Zach/A: Satzinger)
3. Princess (M: Zach/L: Zach/A: Riegler)
4. Green (M: Zach/L: Zach/A: Riegler, Preuschl)
5. Dance (M: Satzinger/L: Beinl/A: Satzinger)
6. Rome (M: Riegler, Rom, Pichler/L: Zach/A: Riegler)
7. Circus (M: Zach/L: Zach/A: Yaeger)
8. Mirror (M: Riegler/L: Zach/A: Riegler)
9. Bird (M: Wenger/L: Dremsek/A: Wenger)

Daniel Riegler: cond
Nika Zach. vocals
Martina Engel: violin, viola
Gunde Jäch-Micko: violin (on Track 8)
Julia Purgina: viola
Maiken Beer: cello
Bernd Satzinger: bass
Maria Augustin: flute
Astrid Kendl: oboe
Matthew Gregory Smith: bassoon
Clemens Salesny: saxophone, clarinets
Martin Eberle: trumpet
Philip Yaeger: trombone
Peter Rom: guitar
Clemens Wenger: piano, keyboards
Andreas Moser: marimba, orch. percussion
Leo Riegler: electronics, turntables, vocals
Tibor Kövesdi: e-bass
Wolfgang Kendl: drums

All tracks recorded between 3rd & 5th of September 2010 at the Acoustic Art Studios.
Recorded by Werner Angerer & Joachim Zach
Recording Supervisor: Werner Angerer
Mixed and mastered by Werner Angerer
Design: Alex Beer
Fotos: Rania Moslam