Peter Rom Trio - "Says Who?!"

Peter Rom Trio - "Says Who?!"

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JWR 02/05 - CD

digitally available here: kudos | iTunes

1. Kafka’s Humor (P. Rom)
2. Hundred Years (R. Preuschl)
3. It’s A Jungle Out There (P. Rom)
4. Offshore (Rom/Preuschl)
5. Mixed Signals (Rom/Preuschl)
6. Balance (P. Rom)
7. Nebulos (P. Rom)
8. Uarrgh 1 (R. Preuschl)
9. Deadline (P. Rom)
10. Falling Down (P. Rom)
11. Says Who?! (P. Rom)

Peter Rom – guitar
Raphael Preuschl – bass
Jörg Mikula – drums

All Tracks Recorded and Mixed by Werner Angerer
Mastered by Reinhard Buchta at Feedback Studios
Cover Art by Michael Franken