Fuzz Noir - "Free Lunch"

Fuzz Noir - "Free Lunch"

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JWR 01/10 - CD

digitally available here: kudos | iTunes

1. Raphro (R. Preuschl)
2. Primetime (P. Rom)
3. Next To The Moon (W. Schiftner/P. Rom)
4. Wild Blue Angel (R. Preuschl)
5. Groupthink (P. Rom)
6. Nyx (R. Preuschl/W. Schiftner/P. Rom)
7. Free Lunch (P. Rom)
8. Wolf (W. Schiftner)
9. Flower (M. Prowaznik)
10. Free Fall (P. Rom)

Wolfgang Schiftner – saxophone
Peter Rom – guitar
Raphael Preuschl – bass
Michael Prowaznik – drums

Recorded by Werner Angerer on April 15-17, 2009
Mixed by Christoph Burgstaller
Mastered by Christoph Burgstaller
Cover designed by Pia Steidl
Musical advice by Dr. Frédérique H. Leno
Produced by Fuzz Noir