Clemens Wenger - "Physics of Beauty"
Clemens Wenger - "Physics of Beauty"
Clemens Wenger - "Physics of Beauty"
Clemens Wenger - "Physics of Beauty"
Clemens Wenger - "Physics of Beauty"
Clemens Wenger - "Physics of Beauty"

Clemens Wenger - "Physics of Beauty"

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JWR 09/20 - Digital / Webpage / Special VINYL Edition to be released!

Physics of Beauty is a music album published as a digital art project. Born from his composition work of the past four years, it traces Clemens Wenger’s fascination with physics and research in unfamiliar terrain. Almost two hours of music and the interactive webpage are now set to be explored by curious and relaxed listeners.


Pre-order the special edition vinyl and select your tracks!
Physics of Beauty is available from today, in digital format only. If you’re interested and sign up for our newsletter, you can vote for your top 5 tracks of the album. The votes will shape the selection of tracks for the vinyl edition, which will be limited to 300 copies and released in early 2021. You beat the algorithm!

digitally available here: kudos (HQ audio download) | iTunes

1. ghostsss
2. strange attractor
3. Mittergries
4. stays nowhere
5. adgro
6. dataset
7. assioma
8. fires under water
9. Esgibtbrot
10. Fake Out
11. covinerlid20
12. asfay
13. pairs
14. tufteee
15. Extase
16. sistema
17. Zoho
18. usb_tec
19. MtGo
20. Zeno
21. for a in jzz
22. leerstelle
23. negativespace
24. RFBongos
25. kleines tennis
26. pssst
27. like nothing
28. horror vacui
29. Super Just
30. confine
31. Functiii
32. Sudoka

All music composed, performed, produced and mixed by Clemens Wenger
Art Direction / Design: Alessia Scuderi
Web Development / Creative Coding: Gianluca Monaco

Mastering: Werner Angerer | Acoustic Arts Studios
Press Text: Kristin Gruber
Translation: Brigitte Scott
Photo: Alex Goetter

Clemens Wenger: upright piano & fake pianos, custom-made modular Black Mamba synth, bongos, field recordings
Recorded at QuincyFromBA Studios, Vienna
Released by JazzWerkstatt Records on Nov 6, 2020
Digitallly distributed by KUDOS
© Clemens Wenger, 2020, AKM / austromechana