Aufmessers Schneide - "Orbs"

Aufmessers Schneide - "Orbs"

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JWR 02/18 - CD

digitally available here: kudos

1. Raise To The Second Power
2. C.M. Ex Machina
3. Superpositional Pizz
4. Particle Oscillation
5. The Zeroth Law
6. Relativity Of The Counterpoint
7. Time Is Not What It Used To Be
8. Heisenberg Confuses Me As Much As Schönberg
9. Quants, Quants
10. In A Nutshell

Gregor Aufmesser - Doublebass, Compositions
Dominik Fuss - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Lukas Schiemer - Alto and Soprano Saxophone, Ocarina
Leonhard Skorupa - Tenor Saxophone, Clarinets
Alois Eberl - Trombone, Accordeon, Melodica
Lukas Kletzander - Piano
Lukas Aichinger - Drums

All Songs composed by Gregor Aufmesser

Recorded at Wavegarden Studio from 12th - 14th February 2018 by Werner Angerer
Mixed and mastered at Acoustic Art Studio by Werner Angerer
Cover Photography by Theresa Pewal
Artwork by Julia Aichinger